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Personal Event/Wedding Organizer for Plantation Nation Club, Jennifer Avise, joins us on Great Morning Idaho to assist us plan the perfect summer wedding.
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Never Be Stuck For A Kids Birthday Party Theme Again!

Birthday Party - Candyland
Source: Flickr

All parents know that their children’s birthday parties are incredibly important. Not just for the child, but for you too. Every parent tries to outdo each other and have the best party for their child. Unfortunately, all of this pressure often prevents the parents from giving their child the party they want or deserve. Trying to come up with a new and unusual theme can be very difficult and the child can feel that their wishes are not being taken into consideration at all.

But stop! It doesn’t have to be like that! All children have something they love, be it a television show, a character or an object. For example, many children love Winnie the Pooh but for others it is trucks and wagons that excite them. Your child will tell you what they want for their party and it is almost certain that you can accommodate them easily.

The Internet has provided the world with ways of acquiring things they never thought possible. No longer do you have to rely on the local stores in your town. You can shop in the big cities without leaving the comfort of your home.

Once your theme has been chosen, you can search for online stores selling all manner of items which fit in that theme. One website I highly recommend for kids’ party items is Birthday Express, found at SuesPartySupplies.
Here you can shop by theme or browse a whole range of themes if you are sill unsure on what to base the party. Many of the themes have subgroups which enable you to purchase items featuring your child’s favourite character and personalised for their age or the event you are celebrating.

On this site you can buy decorations for your home and tableware, all adorned with the character of your child’s choice. For example, the Disney Princess range has goblets, plates, cutlery and wall banners and hangings, all featuring different princesses. There is eve the opportunity to buy a princess dress for your child, and this can be accessorised with a tiara and wand. There is even a piñata to accompany the theme. The prices are reasonable and you can order online for delivery to your home. This allows you to throw your child a party they will not forget, as well as removing the stress of organising the smallest details from the parent.

The Larger the Better for Child'' s First Birthday, Unless He'' s Prince George

The Larger the Better for Child'' s Very first Birthday, Unless He'' s Prince
George Problem is, they won'' t be getting any over-the-top party planning concepts from Princess Kate. While infant'' s first birthday is cause for major event here in the states– full with smash cakes, smash cake outfits, professional photographers, gift …
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Twelve New Orleans Birthday Party Concepts
The birthday child can be a king or queen (of Carnival) for a day with a birthday celebration at Mardi Gras World (1380 Port of New Orleans Location, 504-361-7821; www.mardigrasworld.com). Place on a mask and spend the day discovering drifts, throwing beads, …
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Commemorate George'' s First Birthday With Cookies Suitable for a Prince
That pomp and pageantry is conserved for Trooping the Colour [the event on the Queen'' s birthday], however [kids ' s] birthday parties are private things. They can have 5 or 6 kids. That'' s exactly what we used to do with William and Harry– they would …
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Sweet 16 Birthday Party

The 16th Birthday for most young girls is a very special birthday. It is one that should be made memorable and there are many ways in which this can be accomplished. If you are like many moms and dads out there you might be a bit challenged is to exactly how to make that birthday stand out above and beyond the rest, especially in light of what seems to be competing and often escalating birthday celebrations. Keep reading for some excellent birthday party ideas to make your daughter’s day shine.

While there are many friends that your daughter will have and many Sweet 16 parties she will attend you want to make her birthday party a little bit unique. For this reason there are several party ideas that will be mentioned below. You can elaborate on one theme or mix and match a few themes that capture your attention. Regardless any of these themes should be a little something special to make the day, or evening, a special event full of fond memories for your teen.

Throw a masquerade ball. This allows everyone to dress in costumes, dance, drink punch, and have a ball, figuratively of course. This can be a lot of fun and you can even have those in attendence make their own masks for the grand event even if you choose not to use costumes and go a little less formal. Use plenty of balloons to set the stage and make the evening quite an event.

You can have a spa event for an all girls sweet 16. This event would include having facials, pedicures, makeovers, and a great chick flick for the evening, followed, of course by copious amounts of Haagen-Dazs(r). A great way to do this is by approaching your favorite home party plan representative from a company such as Mary Kay or Beauty Control for the spa portion of the party (be sure to invite parents and have friends bring money to buy their favorite products). It’s a great way to get a makeover inexpensively and learn about proper application of cosmetics and which colors suit your needs.

If these ideas aren’t appealing, how about a Surf’s Up Sweet 16? Even if you aren’t near a beach you may discover that you can bring the feeling of the beach to your own back yard. Be sure to have surfboards to set the theme and plenty of tikki types of decorations and some excellent surfing music. You could take the event one step further and make it a luau. Use your imagination and make it an event to remember.

Make your Sweet 16 a Red Carpet Event. This is a great idea for a birthday party. It allows all your friends to make a grand entrance, that you can record with a video or digital camera in their beautiful dresses (you can go semiformal if finances are a concern), and can make great scrapbooks that everyone can take home if you have a computer, scanner, and printer at home. Don’t forget to create Oscar worthy goodie bags with great little gifts from the local party supply store or Bath and Body works. It’s a lot of fun as far as parties go and may be a little something new and different among friends.

There really is no one way that is right or wrong for celebrating your daughter’s Sweet 16. The important thing is that you create a budget and plan your party theme to fit within the scope of your budget. Even with limited funds you can have an excellent birthday bash for your teen on her sixteenth. The ideas above are a great place to start. Hopefully you will take one of these ideas and make it your own or at the very least have jump-started a few new and different ideas to add to your growing list of hits, near hits, and misses. You may just have the one hit that will make your daughter’s eyes light up.



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Simple Tricks To Having A Perfect Wedding

Weddings are amazing ceremonies that you can truly make your own. Whether you are a bride or groom, you can have fun planning the venue, guest list, menu, centerpieces, and music that you want to play. Read this article to get some tips on having your special, memorable dream wedding!

Designer candles, jewel-encrusted candelabras, and crystal decor can add up quickly when multiple tables are used for the wedding reception or rehearsal dinner. To save money, purchase large, unscented pillar candles of varying sizes. You can then use adornments and embellishments from bulk craft supply stores, such as stick-on colored crystals or textured, sheer ribbons to tie around each of the pillars.

Since you will be going on a honeymoon after your wedding, make sure that you give your job advanced notice that you are going to have to miss some days. This will allow your boss to ensure that there will be proper people backing you up when you are on vacation.

At your bridal party, try to make things as fun as possible with the people that you love. Have manicures and pedicures done to reward the people who made the biggest impact in your life. This will help to keep things casual as well, so that the mood is set for the party.

If you’re planning on having a cash bar at your wedding, consider giving your guests tickets for free drinks. You can place them with the guests’ name cards and then let them know what they’re for when they arrive to the reception. Also, hire a company to run the bar that will keep the drink price low.

When choosing what your first kiss in front of the priest will be think carefully. This kiss will represent your relationship before all that are gathered. Will it be soft, smooth, and compassionate, or will it be wild and risque? Make a decision that fits your taste, and doesn’t go overboard with both sets of in-laws watching.

Do not allow yourself to be a bridezilla on the day of your wedding. Keep your emotions in check and remember that the people that surround you on your wedding day are there to help you and to support you. Be polite and considerate of these people so that you all can have a positive experience.

Typically, you will have a set way that you want everything to go for your wedding. If something does not go according to plan, try not to stress out. Adjust to the situation so that you can make the most of what you have and avoid any stress on the day of your wedding.

Check with the post office for their size and weight limitations for letter mail before placing your wedding invitation order. If you can scale back the size and weight of your invitations so that they are considered a standard size, you can save hundreds of dollars in excess postage needed to send something big and bulky.

You can really express yourself and your love for your new spouse at your wedding. Whether you want to go classic, funky, or a mix, you can show your flair and have a wedding that everyone will remember. Just remember the tips in this article to make sure that the wedding goes smoothly!

Mission Possible – Spy Birthday Party

For the little spy master or mistress in your life the idea of a spy themed birthday may be the absolute best gift you could give.
It is an even better gift if you take the time to carefully plan an evening and event that every guest, especially your child will remember for a long time to come. There are many great themes upon which you can expand and build your Master Spy party for girls or guys and make it the most talked about birthday party of the birthday party season.

Begin by establishing a particular theme or plot for the party. Are you going to make the party a mission based party where there is an objective or are you going to set up a spy training camp? Either makes for excellent themes but really must be decided in advance. If you are going with the objective you need to have an objective that is challenging but not too terribly difficult. You could set up a scavenger hunt sort of objective where each item lends a clue to the next item and a riddle to solve to get there and the first team to the final objective wins spiffy new goodies for their bags of spy tricks.

For the training camp you can have a little more creative fun. You can set up an optical course and play memory games. You can have coded messages that each guest must decipher as one of the activities. You can incorporate this into a mission later in the festivities or leave it as a separate activity or use it both times with a different cipher for each message to make things a little more interesting.

Goody bags for a party with this theme can be a ton of fun. You can put in a mini camera, binoculars, sunglasses, water guns, notepads and pens (for deciphering codes of course), and an ID badge for each with a photo slot in which you will put their photos before they leave. This is a party that can be a lot of fun without breaking the budget. Decorations should be what you would expect in a spy headquarters or training academy. Most of us can draw them or print them from online. Some excellent examples would be targets for target practice, code ciphers, a briefcase or two, folders with “Top Secret” stamped on them, and a few building schematics tacked onto a bulletin board for an authentic feeling.

Food for a party like this doesn’t have to be elaborate. Kids love pizza so pizza and pop are excellent choices with cake and ice cream to follow. If pizza isn’t your thing think kid friendly with easy clean up when planning the menu. If you want to be really cruel you can make the mission about finding the stash of presents (you will have to hide all the presents as they arrive however in order to make this work) but it is a fun game to play and the idea of a spy mission birthday party is often appealing to both girls and boys.

When planning your spy themed birthday party be sure to make it fun and challenging but not over the heads of the age group for which you are planning. You want everyone to leave happy and to have had a lot of fun. Most importantly you want your birthday boy or girl happy so keep his or her wishes in mind and let her add input when planning the party.



“Fave Party Supplies” Testimonial – DPS Developers opens stores starting at only $67,900!

http://www.partystoredevelopers.com – What could be more enjoyable than opening a celebration shop? As the owner of a party supply shop you will have a profession that is …

http://www.partystoredevelopers.com – What could be more fun than opening a party store? As the owner of a party supply store you will certainly have a profession that is …

Impress With Great Birthday Party Invitations

My philosophy in life is simple: if you are going to do something, then take your time and do it well. This goes for almost everything you do. If you are going to cook a meal for your family, than cook a great meal. If you are going to get in shape, then take your time and make a great fitness plan that meets your needs. In the same way, if you are going to throw a birthday party for a friend or family member, than take your time and make it an extra-special birthday party. Start with sending great birthday party invitations.

Birthday party invitations are important because they are the first piece of a party that anyone sees. People will be much more likely to get excited about your party if they receive a unique and exciting birthday party invitation. A great birthday party invitation sets the stage for the quality of the birthday party. Great invitations usually signify a great party, just as boring invitations give a clue to the level of excitement a party will have. If you’re like me, than you think in themes for a party. Think about the honored guest of the party. Use their likes or dislikes for the theme of your party. Make sure that all of the details of the party fit who the person is. Your birthday party invitations can be the first step of making your theme come alive. No amount of attention to detail is too much when you are planning a party for someone you care about. Let the birthday party invitations reflect the person you are throwing the party for.

Don’t go for normal birthday party invitations. Go out of the ordinary and choose unique and creative birthday party invitations. You and each person who receives them will be glad you did. If you have the time and energy, consider making homemade birthday party invitations. There is nothing as unique as something that is originally made by you.

If you’re looking for ideas, pick up a couple of magazines. See what ideas you can get for color combinations, texts or ways to decorate your birthday party invitations. Starting with other ideas will help you to move quickly to your own. Use other peoples’ creativity to spark your own.

Birthdays are special events. Let everyone know just how special they are by sending great birthday party invitations.

Perfect Party Themes

Very few people know how to party or celebrate well. Think about all of the parties you have attended in the past couple of years. What sticks out from them? If they were fun, why? If you would dread going to the parties again, why do you think that is? Can you remember elements of the parties that were unique, or did they all pretty much seem the same? I have been to a lot of parties in my life, although very few of them are memorable. I think one of the best ways to make a unique and truly fun party is to start with great party themes.

Out of the maybe one hundred parties I have been to, only one or two of them have had great party themes. Most of the parties did not have a theme at all. I think that we could learn a lot about planning great parties if we began the planning with great party themes.

Party themes have such a huge potential in making parties fun because they focus the party around a particular idea or concept. Starting with great party themes allows you to have details such as food, decorations, games, and even costumes if you are really daring, to all centered around the same party theme. What fun it can be to arrive at a party and see that everything from the napkins to the attire of the hosts has been planned and done with intention. I guess that one of the main things that bugs me about most parties is that they seem to be thrown together at the last minute. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes last minute parties can be fun, but usually I prefer a party with a little more intentionality.

Party themes can be easy and fun to determine. Think first about the guests that you will invite to your party. Try to have party themes that fit the ages, hobbies and interests of your guests. Not many thirty year olds will enjoy a barbie themed party (unless of course it is done as a satiric celebration). Shoot for party themes that are appropriate for your guests and for the occasion of the party. Party themes for a birthday will likely look different than anniversary or graduation parties.

In order to plan great parties with great party themes you will have to get creative. It might take a little extra work, but I guarentee that you and your guests will be raving about the great party themes for weeks afterward.

First birthday party Celebration

Gabbie had a great celebration with our close loved ones at house:) I made the designs and my hubby assisted me embellish your house. When it comes to the food, I bought som …
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50th Birthday Celebration Ideas… 1. 50th Birthday Celebration: Planning 50th Birthday Celebration Ideas www.keepandshare.com/…/birthday…/planning_40_50_bi …

Invitations for Any Occasion

If you’re having a party, you want invitations that reflect the theme of the party and the personality of the host or hostess as well.
Let’s take a look of several different types of parties and events, and the different types of invitations available.

Wedding invitations of course are the most popular types of invitations. Wedding are often the largest event in ones lifetime, and lots of invitations are needed to make sure all the guests are invited. There are many types of discount wedding invitations as well as higher end invitations depending of the type of wedding and wedding budget. The theme of the wedding invitation should be one that suits the theme of the wedding as well as the bride and groom.

Shower invitations are also very popular. There are invitations for bridal showers that can reflect any variety of themes. Some popular themes include around the house, garden party, or lingerie shower. Baby shower invitations are also very popular. There are many great varieties to reflect boy or girl, or simply a generic invitation. Showers are a wonderful occasion to celebrate the guest of honor before their big day.

Holiday party or birthday party invitations are available for any variety of occasions. Christmas party invitations and New Year’s Party invitations can be ordered in a variety of themes and styles, from formal to informal, classic or contemporary. Birthday party invitations are available for any type of birthday whether child, over the hill, other milestone birthday, or to match the personal interests of the guest of honor.

So no matter what the occasion, there are perfect invitations available to suit any event and any theme. Whether it’s an event to mark the beginning of a new life, the start of a new life together, or to celebrate the life of someone, invitations are the best way to get the party started.

Themed birthday parties


Birthday Party ThemesMy Little Pony Birthday Party Dinner Plates
Make your child’s or your loved ones birthday a day to remember by arranging a themed birthday party for them. Batman, Thomas the tank, Mickey the Mouse or Spongebob would be ideal for a toddler/baby. For older children a Transformers theme, a Space theme or even Twilight would make their big day extra special. From decorations, cups, napkins and much more – everything can be purchased at great prices. By incorporating something your child absolutely loves into their party making it into a themed birthday party, will make them have a magical day that they will never forget. Asking all the guests and the birthday boy or girl dress up to match their theme would be great also and would be a finishing touch. Think of the amazing photos you could get by holding a themed birthday party, the memories will last a lifetime and will be in print too. Having a themed party is something exciting and fun to do and is definitely the way forward for an unforgettable birthday.

Boys Playtime 1st Birthday Party Theme

Your little boy’s birthday is just around the corner and a Boys Playtime 1st Birthday is in order. This is a beautiful blue party theme with a fire truck is perfect for the little boy about to turn one. What a wonderful time he will have with the assortment of party favors. All his little friends can have their own special treat with crayons and an activity book to color in as well as a glitter ball and a mini pinwheel, a cookie cutter that they can use to cut out dough cookies and all of this is in an adorable blue and red striped box. The party will be a hit and your son will love the balloons with the big 1 signifying his birthday. All the Boys Playtime 1st Birthday party supplies have the fire truck on them – even the giant door sign. Get the party pack with all the supplies you need in a choice of sizes for the smaller party of eight or the larger party of sixteen. Included are the balloons, the plates, napkins, cups, candles for the cake and even streamers for decorating. Invitations are included in the pack as well and you have virtually everything needed for the perfect Boys Playtime 1st Birthday.

Throw a Fun and Affordable Party with a Mod Monkey 2nd Birthday Basic Party Pack

When you are looking for birthday party ideas for your son or daughter’s 2nd birthday, choose a Mod Monkey 2nd Birthday basic party pack. This is a birthday theme that can be used to create the perfect celebration for your two-year old. All the essentials needed for 8 guests are included. The party pack consists of the balloons, napkins, plates, the invitations and more.

The blue and yellow colors of the decorations and party supplies are perfect for a festive occasion. Your child will be thrilled with this choice featuring the monkey that all kids love. The Mod Monkey party setting can be a jungle – the monkey’s home. This is a fun and easy decorating idea. Some palm trees in pots, bananas and coconuts, some jungle music and you are ready for this great party.

The party decorations can even include a small hut for the kids. A large appliance box with raffia glued to the outside and holes cut for windows and the door is easy to make. Get some animal print cushions for them to sit on and the front of the hut can be decorated with vines that can be purchased quite inexpensively. Get a few monkeys to hang from the vines.

The Mod Monkey party can include a variety of refreshments including animal crackers, sandwiches cut in the shape of monkeys, bananas, ‘jungle juice’, peanuts and fruit. A birthday cake either in the shape of a monkey or a topper can be great for the birthday boy or girl.

Barrel of Monkeys is a fun game for kids and adults. This will be one of the activities they will enjoy as well as a game of Monkey See, Monkey Do. This is the perfect theme for a 2nd birthday and you can find all the items to get your Mod Monkey party off to a good start when you shop at the most affordable party source – Birthday Party Themes.

Popular Kids’ Birthday Party Themes

princess party favors
Source: Flickr

There are thousands of ways to celebrate your kids’ birthdays and if you are a new parent then you are certainly welcoming yourself to a whole new world! Many excited young kids of elementary age always are interested in the latest and most popular new cartoon on television or the latest gadget or movie that they saw! If you are about to throw your child a birthday party for him or her with all of their friends then there are some excellent birthday party themes to go with!

Superheroes Galore!

Whether you are having a boy birthday party or a girl’s birthday party there are superheroes to meet every need. For example, parents can choose to throw their boys a Superman, Batman, or Spiderman themed birthday party, while girls have the option of the Powerpuff Girls, Power Rangers, or Cat Woman to choose from for their birthday party!

If you are going to have a superhero themed birthday party, though, there are some essential things that you need to make it happen. For example, if you’re throwing your son a Superman birthday party then you may consider buying all the birthday guests a Superman cape to wear while they’re there. Additionally, if you’re throwing a Batman birthday party then you can more than likely find some batman eye costumes. Girls’ birthday parties are easy too, though. Infiltrating the birthday party with lots of pink and other girl colors will be certain to attract applause from all the kids. There are all sorts of ways to think creatively when dealing with superhero birthday parties and these are a couple ways to have a great party!

The Latest and Most Popular Cartoon Themed Party!

If your son or daughter is not interested in superheroes then he or she may love some of the cartoons that are on television. For example, Spongebob Squarepants is a popular cartoon that a lot of youngsters love to watch! If you want to go with that type of a theme then you could decorate your entire house to go along with the Spongebob Squarepants cartoon show! For example, a real life replica or Spongebob’s pineapple that he lives in could be made. Other artifacts of the show could be produced and everyone who attends the birthday party could receive a Spongebob Squarepants DVD to take home.

Of course, there are plenty of other ways to have a kids-themed birthday party. You could make up the theme yourself or you could even enlist the help of the little birthday boy or girl to help plan the whole party! For example, you could create your own character or even just decorate the entire house with one color and make that the theme of the birthday party. All it takes, though, is a little creativity to make your son or daughter’s birthday party a smash hit with them and their friends Superheroes, television shows, cartoons, as well as other creative themes will make for a great time for kids’ birthdays!

Make It Fun! Birthday Party Themes Are A Great Idea

Source: Flickr

Decorating a birthday party according to a theme not only makes it easy to plan, but it also makes it fun! Themes add life and adventure to birthday parties, allowing party goers to lose themselves in a make-believe paradise. Now that’s the stuff great birthday parties are made of! So to help you find a birthday party theme and appropriate decorations, here are some great ideas that will turn an ordinary birthday into an extraordinary birthday party! But a word of caution to eager buyers, before purchasing birthday party decorations of a particular theme it is important to consider two things; the age appropriateness of the theme and the likes/dislikes of the person whose birthday you are celebrating. So now that you know, here are some great ideas for birthday party decoration themes!

For kids, a birthday party means excitement and color, so don’t disappoint them. A great party theme for children is a fantasy theme; usually a theme from a Disney movie or a favorite storybook will turn any birthday party into a fun-filled festival! A great theme that has been favored by many a little girl has been ‘Cinderella’s Midnight Ball’ and the best part is that it is a theme that can easily be created just by decorating the backyard with lights and elegant streamers and anything that you think will give the theme a truly magical feeling!

Another popular theme in recent years has been the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ theme, and it is amazing to see how backgrounds of wrecked ships, drift wood on lawns and chests overflowing with shining treasure can make the movie jump off the screen and come to life.

Okay, so the kids are grown and no longer enjoy childhood theme parties. Well you still have many, many options for adolescents and young adults, and you may even find yourself enjoying the party too! A favorite birthday theme party among teens and even adults is the ‘Hawaiian Luau’ theme. Grass skirts, coconut bras, tiny umbrellas, tropical shirts, candles on wicker stands, festive garlands, Hawaiian cuisine and even real sand; what’s not to love about this theme! Surely you can understand why this birthday party theme is a classic.

And if the birthday boy/girl just happens to be a little older, you can spice up the party theme by making it an infamous ‘Pool Party’. A crystal clear blue pool heated by warm sunshine makes the best first impression on party guests, and when they see the floating lounges in the pool, sun glasses spread out everywhere and huge beach balls just waiting to be thrown around, your guests will definitely find out first hand exactly how much fun a themed birthday party can be! Oh, and don’t forget the sunscreen.

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