Net neutrality is important

Net neutrality is vital
I wish to thank President Barack Obama for his support of a totally free, spontaneous and open Internet. Net neutrality is important. Education has actually constantly been at the center of our state. I believe that the actions taken Feb. 26 by the FCC chairman Tom …
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Vital questions to ask before cataract surgical treatment
NORWALK, Conn. (WTNH)– If you live long enough, you will likely develop a cataract, and if you had LASIK years earlier and need cataract surgery, for ideal outcomes you have to ask the right questions. Millions who decided for LASIK eye correction surgery, …
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Five Reasons This Case to End Gerrymandering Is Essential
Today, March 2, the US Supreme Court will certainly hear arguments in a case that could prevent residents from fighting for fair representation and an end to gerrymandering. In 2000, Arizona voters passed a ballot initiative developing the Arizona Independent …
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