Everyone seems to enjoy cakes that are baked at home, it is a wonderful surprise on special occasions. When you are the one bringing the cake, you probably will want the cake decoration to stand out, and look a bit more professional than those you make for your family at home. I have put together a few ideas you may want to try.

Cake Decorating Themes

* Fun and activity: These cakes are full of color and whimsical design. The use of different shapes, Balloons, circles, stars, clouds, and other interesting designs will help to make your cake decorating the talk of the party. With the use of animal crackers, you could make a zoo or farm cake. Your imagination can take you anywhere.

* Say it With Flowers: The use of floral patterns in soft shades, are perfect for cake decorating. The addition of a few green leaves make this type of cake decoration an excellent choice for any special occasion. Flowers are great on wedding cakes, birthday cakes, mothers day cakes, and for other happy celebrations.

* A Little Romance: Romantic cake decorating is perfect for sweethearts day, valentines day, a birthday for a husband or wife, or a wedding anniversary. You can make any color frosting, including the favorite of the person or people you are baking the cake for. You can add hearts, cupids, or anything that will remind the guests what the celebration is about. Use your imagination and make it a little jazzy without going overboard. Just a bit of glitter or candies that sparkle should do the trick.

* “What’s Up Doc”? : Younger children (and some that are over 90) love cartoon characters as much as they love cake. This is why it is a great idea to combine both when decorating a cake for the birthday of someone who loves these whimsical critters. You can either draw them in icing and color them in, or use molds and fondant to make the characters. After they are made, they can be colored before they are placed on the cake. So invite Bugs Bunny, Tweety, Taz, Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Garfield, Donald Duck, or any of the many cartoon characters that have stolen our hearts and funny bones, and are doing the same to our children, to the party.

There are some supplies that are essential when you are thinking about cake decorating, these are:

* A professional icing smoother or thin metal spatula. This tool will help you to cover your decorated cake with an even layer of icing, and to make the frosting very smooth so that it can be decorated. This will make the cake look as if a pro did it.

* The use of decoration Molds is a very easy way to make figures and objects to use in cake decorating. You will probably want to start with the basic shapes like circles, squares, or triangles, until you are sure of how to perfect the process. You can move from that to flowers, numbers, and characters. Some molds also have text so you can add a message.

* Icing bags are an absolute essential if you want to do any type of cake decorating. Once you get the hang of it, you will be able to use it as you would an ink pen, except it is held with both hands. One hand is used to apply steady pressure on the upper part of the bag, while the other guides the tip to make the decorations.

* The use of frosting flowers that are already made for you is a less time consuming way to add beauty to your cake decorating.

* Edible glitter and colorful sprinkles are a great way to spruce up your cake decorating design. These small additions could be just the thing to give your cake that finishing touch.

* Edible color sprays are quite easy to use, especially when you are using a template. It can be the difference between a cake decoration that is blah, to one that has everyone complimenting you on your artistic ability.

* You can also print out edible photographs of the graduate, that fish that almost got away, or a wedding photo of the bride and groom, the way they looked when they were married to place on their 50th anniversary cake. The paper these edible images are printed on is also edible, so you can place the whole thing on the cake.

* A cake stand will make your creation stand out, especially a glass stand.

Birthstone Lists

Birthstone Lists

There are few gifts as interesting as birth stone gems. The best way to shop for these items begins with a list of birthstone colors. There are many resources available for this information and the list can be used in a number of different ways. This is true if there is a special birthday party in the works.

People love to use themes for birthday celebrations. Whether it is a child’s first birthday or a milestone “over-the-hill” event, a general theme is ideal. Why not opt for something very different rather than the usual trends that have been used and over-used over the past party celebrations.

A list of birthstone colors can be the inspirational vehicle for kid’s birthday party ideas. All you need is the color of the birth stone and you are well on your way to creating an unusual theme that revolves around a precious gem. Well, two precious gems; the birthstone and the guest of honor.

Once you have chosen the right color from the list of birthstone colors, you have the means to start preparing for a colorful bash that is truly unique. Begin with shopping around for an item that has the actual gemstone. These items are vast and there are a few options to consider.

For example, a simple piece of jewelry is ideal for most birth stone presentations. However, very young children and gentlemen might not want to add this kind of item to their collection of things. Why not look for innovative items that have birthstones in them? These include everything from keepsake boxes to money clips.

Once you have the central gift for your birthday party theme, you can use the list of birthstone colors to find decorating inspiration. These items include everything from tablecloths, to streamers to paper plates. The great thing is that you can incorporate just about any color into your theme.

Even the cake can be gem inspired. In fact, you can opt for a bakery to make a stellar creation that has a gemstone theme. You can also take the time to create a cake of your own with the particular gemstone in mind. Of course, if you have a January or July birthstone in the works you might want to use the red hues sparingly, especially when it comes to the cake.

Creating a unique birthday celebration just takes some imagination and some focused planning. A list of birthstone colors is a great place to start for creating a gem of a party.

Steps To Organizing A First Birthday

Steps To Organizing A First Birthday

It is hard to believe that a year has gone by. It seems as if it was only yesterday that you were bringing your baby home. But, you are now on a mission to give your little man or your sweet princess a very special first birthday party. At this age, children love things like color and noise. Remember that this birthday party is not one they will remember but one you will. With that here are some steps to consider.

• First pick the date, time and location. Determine about how many people (adults versus kids) will be there and an appropriate location for the party. At home is fine, outside is great. Larger venues work for lots of guests. Don’t pick nap time or right before as your baby is not going to be the star of the party for the right reasons here.

• Select invitations. Choose a theme that you enjoy too. Again, it’s more about what you like here.

• Send invitations out at least three weeks in advance, four if possible. Make sure to make a checklist so that you can count those that are coming and call on those that haven’t let you know.

• Décor! Here is where you can do a lot of fun things with color, themes and decorations. Balloons (Make sure no one chokes!) paper plates, tablecloths and banners work well.

• Games. If you will have other children there, include some fun games. If not, consider a collage of pictures to entertain your guests with.

• Foods should be easy to prepare, handle and eat. For just a few guests a full scale meal would be okay. Don’t forget the cake.

• Pictures. One of the best things to do now is to take lots of pictures during your party. Plan to do this so that you have ample opportunity to share and for scrapbooking.

To make your child’s first birthday memorable, consider hiring a professional planner to do the work for you!

Laser Tag Birthday Party

Laser Tag Birthday Party

As far as birthday bashes go, laser tag arenas are taking the birthday industry by storm. Gone are the days when only little boys are interested this is a game that anyone, no matter how big or small can have a great time exploring and makes for an interesting and entertaining birthday party idea. If you have a laser tag arena in your neck of the woods it is very well worth checking out as the perfect location for your next birthday party event.

The great thing about most laser tag arenas is that you do not have to sacrifice the idea of a themed birthday party or gathering in order to incorporate the laser tag action into the party. There are plenty of themed parties that work wonderfully right alongside the action packed time that can be spent enjoying life on the laser tag floor.

Now there are plenty of themes you can bring to the laser tag table with you but my personal favorite is that of a spy mission or secret agent. Most arenas will be happy to play along to your party needs if you are booking with them and let them know far enough ahead of time to make the proper preparations (provided they are reasonable and age appropriate of course). Check and see if they may have a few ‘secret agent missions, that they can incorporate into the festivities and make the decorations, cakes, and plates fit with the secret agent theme. You could also have everyone dressed in black from head to foot to pull off the theme even better.

Army men are still fascinating to boys of all ages. Whether the birthday boy in your live is 10 or 25 chances are quite good that he would not turn his bag on the idea of a camouflage birthday cake or dressing in his favorite camo for a rousing game of laser tag. It is quite easy at the moment to find all manner of camouflage plates, napkins, and party favors that will accommodate the army greens and be an excellent addition to the party (I wonder if you hide the cake on camo plates if the calories will still count?).

Kim Possible is all the rage on Disney these days and proves that girls can be spies too. If you have a girl that is interested in laser tag there is really no reason whatsoever that she should not have her birthday celebration at your local laser tag center. Girls definitely like to play with these toys too and might just prove to be superior in battle when all is said and done.

If you are interested in a theme that is out of this world for your laser tag festivities there is no reason not to pursue a space aged them with your laser tag maneuverings. A birthday party is supposed to be fun and you can pretty much do what you want in a venue such as this without the mess and after party clean up. Have fun and choose a theme that the birthday boy or girl will enjoy and appreciate.

When it comes to a laser tag birthday party you need to book early and make sure you have all the information you need when booking in order to insure that you will have the space you need when you want it. Check with policies on cake and/or other outside food as it may vary from one arena to the next. Be sure to check out food offerings there, as many will have a fairly decent selection of snacks for your partiers if that is your preference. The most important thing is that everyone involved has a great time. Sit back and enjoy the party while your guys and girls fight it out in the arena. Of course, if you are really brave you can venture into the fray. You might find a hidden talent and a happy birthday boy or girl.



All You Ever Needed To Know About Birthday Decorating

All You Ever Needed To Know About Birthday Decorating

Whether the party is for a kid or for an adult one thing is certain, all birthdays are special! And planning a birthday party is harder than it sounds. It’s more than just making a guest list and buying the birthday boy or girl a present. It’s about making the day special as it should be, and memorable, and birthdays are the perfect time to show a person how much they mean. With all of those things in mind the next time you walk into a birthday party and see the lights, balloons, streamers or if you notice that the napkins match the plates, remember that someone spent a lot of time and money to get even the smallest detail right so that a loved one can have a great birthday celebration. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll be the one having to throw a birthday bash! So here’s everything you need to know about birthdays parties and decorating.

You know who your friends are and you know that family members will show up for the big day, so now you have an idea of how many people will be at this shindig. You call a caterer or visit the grocery store and get the things that you would like (and other too) to serve at the party. So within, give or take, two days you have gotten the easy parts done. Now it’s time to delve into the real trouble-maker behind any birthday party; decorating.

Now you may not think decorating is much of a big deal, after all they are just a bunch of streamers and balloons right? Wrong, every individual ornament or piece of decoration used usually contributes to the overall theme of a birthday party. And yes birthday parties, even ones for adults, have themes. And the theme you choose for the birthday party will help you determine what kind of decorations you will need, what style of decorations will compliment the area in which you are having the party and the color or combination of colors that the decorations should be.

At this point you should think about getting the most anticipated item of any birthday party and possibly the only decoration that a party cannot survive without, and that is the birthday cake. The cake can be as elaborate as you can afford or as modest, but what is most important is that the cake not only matches the other decorations and general theme of the party, but the cake should also reflect something of the birthday boy or girl.

Once a theme is chosen and you know the decorations you want to use, the next task is putting the decorations up in the most appropriate and flattering place. This may take a while and several opinions before the right spot is found for a particular set of decorations. But the work and decorating are not over just yet, because whatever food or candy you are offering your guests has to be conveniently available, as well as plates, cups and napkins. Remember, when serving anything edible always be sure to use clean dishes, and use dishes and serving trays that will make the food or snacks on them seem delectable.

Other negligible factors will depend solely on the age of the birthday person and the likes/dislikes of the same are dress code, alcohol, music (DJ or home stereo) and of course, the time the party is scheduled to start and its subsequent end. Above all, the ultimate goal is to ensure that the birthday person is having a great time and your guests are treated well. So birthday parties, though they often run smoothly and easily, are much more complicated than you might think, and the only reason birthday parties seem so easy to pull off on the surface is because someone is doing a lot of work below deck.

Sweet 16 Birthday Party

Sweet 16 Birthday Party

The 16th Birthday for most young girls is a very special birthday. It is one that should be made memorable and there are many ways in which this can be accomplished. If you are like many moms and dads out there you might be a bit challenged is to exactly how to make that birthday stand out above and beyond the rest, especially in light of what seems to be competing and often escalating birthday celebrations. Keep reading for some excellent birthday party ideas to make your daughter’s day shine.

While there are many friends that your daughter will have and many Sweet 16 parties she will attend you want to make her birthday party a little bit unique. For this reason there are several party ideas that will be mentioned below. You can elaborate on one theme or mix and match a few themes that capture your attention. Regardless any of these themes should be a little something special to make the day, or evening, a special event full of fond memories for your teen.

Throw a masquerade ball. This allows everyone to dress in costumes, dance, drink punch, and have a ball, figuratively of course. This can be a lot of fun and you can even have those in attendence make their own masks for the grand event even if you choose not to use costumes and go a little less formal. Use plenty of balloons to set the stage and make the evening quite an event.

You can have a spa event for an all girls sweet 16. This event would include having facials, pedicures, makeovers, and a great chick flick for the evening, followed, of course by copious amounts of Haagen-Dazs(r). A great way to do this is by approaching your favorite home party plan representative from a company such as Mary Kay or Beauty Control for the spa portion of the party (be sure to invite parents and have friends bring money to buy their favorite products). It’s a great way to get a makeover inexpensively and learn about proper application of cosmetics and which colors suit your needs.

If these ideas aren’t appealing, how about a Surf’s Up Sweet 16? Even if you aren’t near a beach you may discover that you can bring the feeling of the beach to your own back yard. Be sure to have surfboards to set the theme and plenty of tikki types of decorations and some excellent surfing music. You could take the event one step further and make it a luau. Use your imagination and make it an event to remember.

Make your Sweet 16 a Red Carpet Event. This is a great idea for a birthday party. It allows all your friends to make a grand entrance, that you can record with a video or digital camera in their beautiful dresses (you can go semiformal if finances are a concern), and can make great scrapbooks that everyone can take home if you have a computer, scanner, and printer at home. Don’t forget to create Oscar worthy goodie bags with great little gifts from the local party supply store or Bath and Body works. It’s a lot of fun as far as parties go and may be a little something new and different among friends.

There really is no one way that is right or wrong for celebrating your daughter’s Sweet 16. The important thing is that you create a budget and plan your party theme to fit within the scope of your budget. Even with limited funds you can have an excellent birthday bash for your teen on her sixteenth. The ideas above are a great place to start. Hopefully you will take one of these ideas and make it your own or at the very least have jump-started a few new and different ideas to add to your growing list of hits, near hits, and misses. You may just have the one hit that will make your daughter’s eyes light up.



Never Be Stuck For A Kids Birthday Party Theme Again!

Never Be Stuck For A Kids Birthday Party Theme Again!

All parents know that their children’s birthday parties are incredibly important. Not just for the child, but for you too. Every parent tries to outdo each other and have the best party for their child. Unfortunately, all of this pressure often prevents the parents from giving their child the party they want or deserve. Trying to come up with a new and unusual theme can be very difficult and the child can feel that their wishes are not being taken into consideration at all.

But stop! It doesn’t have to be like that! All children have something they love, be it a television show, a character or an object. For example, many children love Winnie the Pooh but for others it is trucks and wagons that excite them. Your child will tell you what they want for their party and it is almost certain that you can accommodate them easily.

The Internet has provided the world with ways of acquiring things they never thought possible. No longer do you have to rely on the local stores in your town. You can shop in the big cities without leaving the comfort of your home.

Once your theme has been chosen, you can search for online stores selling all manner of items which fit in that theme. One website I highly recommend for kids’ party items is Birthday Express, found at SuesPartySupplies.
Here you can shop by theme or browse a whole range of themes if you are sill unsure on what to base the party. Many of the themes have subgroups which enable you to purchase items featuring your child’s favourite character and personalised for their age or the event you are celebrating.

On this site you can buy decorations for your home and tableware, all adorned with the character of your child’s choice. For example, the Disney Princess range has goblets, plates, cutlery and wall banners and hangings, all featuring different princesses. There is eve the opportunity to buy a princess dress for your child, and this can be accessorised with a tiara and wand. There is even a piñata to accompany the theme. The prices are reasonable and you can order online for delivery to your home. This allows you to throw your child a party they will not forget, as well as removing the stress of organising the smallest details from the parent.

Party Time: Choosing Party Invitations

Party Time: Choosing Party Invitations

Parties are thrown all the time. They are a great excuse to get together with friends and have a good time. There are also a great way to show admiration and respect for great people and their accomplishments. No matter what the occasion, a beautiful party invitation is the perfect way to set of any event with style.

There are so many different types of parties. The types of party invitations that are ordered depend on the type of party being held. There are many wonderful party invitations for birthday, graduation, business gatherings, holiday parties, and any other type of party. Choosing the right type of party invitation is the first step in ordering the right invitation.

Any type of party can have any number of themes. If it is a birthday party, how old is the guest of honor? Is it a milestone birthday? Whether it’s over the hill, or sweet sixteen, choose the right theme in the party invitation to create a unique feeling for the party.

Choosing how many invitations to order is an important decision. Invitation companies typically require a minimum order of about 50. If there are less than 50 invitees having extra invitations will come in handy for last minute invites or for mistakes. If there are more guests than the minimum order number of invitations, it is a good idea to order extras for anything that might occur.

Party favors are a great idea and can be incorporated right into the invitations. Choose from napkins, matchbooks, or scratch pads with the name of the guest of honor and the date printed right on them. Collectible glasses with commemorative phrases are also a great favor idea.

Whether it’s a grand milestone birthday or a simple holiday gathering, start the party off right with great party invitations and tie it all together with personalized party favors that guests can cherish and use to remember the event for a lifetime.

Mission Possible – Spy Birthday Party

Mission Possible – Spy Birthday Party

For the little spy master or mistress in your life the idea of a spy themed birthday may be the absolute best gift you could give. It is an even better gift if you take the time to carefully plan an evening and event that every guest, especially your child will remember for a long time to come. There are many great themes upon which you can expand and build your Master Spy party for girls or guys and make it the most talked about birthday party of the birthday party season.

Begin by establishing a particular theme or plot for the party. Are you going to make the party a mission based party where there is an objective or are you going to set up a spy training camp? Either makes for excellent themes but really must be decided in advance. If you are going with the objective you need to have an objective that is challenging but not too terribly difficult. You could set up a scavenger hunt sort of objective where each item lends a clue to the next item and a riddle to solve to get there and the first team to the final objective wins spiffy new goodies for their bags of spy tricks.

For the training camp you can have a little more creative fun. You can set up an optical course and play memory games. You can have coded messages that each guest must decipher as one of the activities. You can incorporate this into a mission later in the festivities or leave it as a separate activity or use it both times with a different cipher for each message to make things a little more interesting.

Goody bags for a party with this theme can be a ton of fun. You can put in a mini camera, binoculars, sunglasses, water guns, notepads and pens (for deciphering codes of course), and an ID badge for each with a photo slot in which you will put their photos before they leave. This is a party that can be a lot of fun without breaking the budget. Decorations should be what you would expect in a spy headquarters or training academy. Most of us can draw them or print them from online. Some excellent examples would be targets for target practice, code ciphers, a briefcase or two, folders with “Top Secret” stamped on them, and a few building schematics tacked onto a bulletin board for an authentic feeling.

Food for a party like this doesn’t have to be elaborate. Kids love pizza so pizza and pop are excellent choices with cake and ice cream to follow. If pizza isn’t your thing think kid friendly with easy clean up when planning the menu. If you want to be really cruel you can make the mission about finding the stash of presents (you will have to hide all the presents as they arrive however in order to make this work) but it is a fun game to play and the idea of a spy mission birthday party is often appealing to both girls and boys.

When planning your spy themed birthday party be sure to make it fun and challenging but not over the heads of the age group for which you are planning. You want everyone to leave happy and to have had a lot of fun. Most importantly you want your birthday boy or girl happy so keep his or her wishes in mind and let her add input when planning the party.



Perfect Party Themes

Perfect Party Themes

Very few people know how to party or celebrate well. Think about all of the parties you have attended in the past couple of years. What sticks out from them? If they were fun, why? If you would dread going to the parties again, why do you think that is? Can you remember elements of the parties that were unique, or did they all pretty much seem the same? I have been to a lot of parties in my life, although very few of them are memorable. I think one of the best ways to make a unique and truly fun party is to start with great party themes.

Out of the maybe one hundred parties I have been to, only one or two of them have had great party themes. Most of the parties did not have a theme at all. I think that we could learn a lot about planning great parties if we began the planning with great party themes.

Party themes have such a huge potential in making parties fun because they focus the party around a particular idea or concept. Starting with great party themes allows you to have details such as food, decorations, games, and even costumes if you are really daring, to all centered around the same party theme. What fun it can be to arrive at a party and see that everything from the napkins to the attire of the hosts has been planned and done with intention. I guess that one of the main things that bugs me about most parties is that they seem to be thrown together at the last minute. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes last minute parties can be fun, but usually I prefer a party with a little more intentionality.

Party themes can be easy and fun to determine. Think first about the guests that you will invite to your party. Try to have party themes that fit the ages, hobbies and interests of your guests. Not many thirty year olds will enjoy a barbie themed party (unless of course it is done as a satiric celebration). Shoot for party themes that are appropriate for your guests and for the occasion of the party. Party themes for a birthday will likely look different than anniversary or graduation parties.

In order to plan great parties with great party themes you will have to get creative. It might take a little extra work, but I guarentee that you and your guests will be raving about the great party themes for weeks afterward.